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Aug. 9th, 2011

Greener Skies

Stop by for a couple of great lines

"So," he says, swallowing.  "Goodbye.  Be very good to yourself, and keep warm.  I'd like to kiss you first, but then I might change my mind.  So don't kiss me."

*is half dead on the floor*

These lines have killed me today. Utterly brilliant readings that I have found in the Sherlock BBC fandom, fantastic writers indeed.

And I have been successful in finding stories where John Watson plays a very competent ex-army character. I definitely like the equanimity and balancing nature of this character, how nonplussed and no-nonsense he can be. And the way he takes in stride Holmes' insults and instead comes back with mild but slight sarcastic commentary. 

Very good.

Although this is very fandom-based, probably. Truly, 3 episodes only, BBC? And the second season postponed up to next year? No wonder the authors out there have already crafted their personalities and given them new interesting quirks.

The only thing now for me is to find some kind of fic where Moriarty is featured targeting John more directly. I've found good ones where of course John is taken hostage again, or threatened by Moriarty in some way, but I still haven't found one where there is conversation to length between the Professor and the Doctor. I'd like to read how writers explore that interaction. In other stories when John is captured he either remains silent or does not get to meet Moriarty directly. I for one want a very witty and mature conversation between them, I have the impression Moriarty acts crazy and obsessed towards Sherlock, but when talking to John, things could be more balanced.

Or that is just me, I don't know. I always want to have an extra bit of faith (or fun) with the interesting villains.

Well, that'll be all. Just randomness for today. Plus I don't want to forget the opening lines of this entry. They may sound rather cheesy and emotional, but my Lord in the real context, they are part of a fabulous complex shady fic with a psychological punch to bowl us over.

ETA: I have found a good fic with a mature, lenghty conversation between Moriarty and John, a missing scene-type of story before the ending part of The Great Game episode. It's by vegarin "Pedestrian" here: http://vegarin.livejournal.com/49630.html 


Jul. 29th, 2011

Greener Skies

Hardly relevant epiphanies

It's a bit of a surprise, but then again, oh Dear Lord, why should I be surprised by fancying the character that I DID NOT expect to?

I never seem to be able to make up my mind. Clearly, I am not consistent with my "types".

In books and t.v. series and manga and what-have-you, I usually think: Probably I will like the characters that are utterly shaddy and mysterious and interesting. Or at least not the good-doer ones.

Let's revise some examples:

Out of the whole Harry Potter thing: Snape and Slytherins, thank you. Not the good-doers.

But then, in Lord of the Rings, my favorite one was Eowyn and her sense of justice. Hmmm.

And what? In Les Miserables, my favorite is Javert.

And in Notre Dame, why, my favorite is Father Frollo.

And in Gaiman's books, I usually go for the interesting ones too. You know, De Carabas, Crowley, etc.

So how come now that I am laughing my head off re-watching Sherlock BBC, my favorite character is John Watson??!!

*tut tut* Sorry Sherlock, you've been dumped. And for a minute there, I even thought Mycroft could be my favorite one...but noooo. In the end, I bow and surrender. Okay, you sweater-wearing, Queen-and-Country ex-soldier Doctor Watson, you win.

Now I go and hunt for fic, as usual. But first, I have to finish my thrice-dammed reports for next Monday. Heaven helps me, so boring!!

And it just irks me, sometimes I think John extrapolates to Good Omen's angel-Aziraphale, and Sherlock to demon-Crowley. But I am definitely a Crowley-girl in that fandom. So why do I fail to be consistent? *waves her John Watson love flag* 

I surrender happily, though, because my consolation is that Doctor Watson could be an utter -and dangerous- bastard if he wants to, so I assume there must be many stories out there where he demonstrates it. Hunting time it is.

*wanders away to get a cool drink from the fridge in this hot Friday afternoon....while ignoring the reports half-done on the table*

Not too hot or boring to be having epiphanies, I guess.


Jul. 24th, 2011

Greener Skies

Take a deep breath and relax

It's been a very calm and content couple of days, lately.

From a very simple perspective -although simple does not mean irrelevant- I think it's due to the fact that I finally did that bloody Adv Macro test I had been dreading.

And I was not traumatized by it. It's well done and behind me now, so my mind and shoulders feel lighter.

Also, I've come to terms with what 99% sure will be the topic of my Master thesis, and I feel agreeable and now, excited with it.

The fact that it will require for me to spend this September doing an internship in Africa is playing a large role in peeking my interest.

And since my stress level is going down, I've been enjoying doing some light reading and watching T.V. series. Again.

It's been months since I gave Sherlock BBC a chance -back in Winter of last year- but I revisited the series with a more focused attention span this weekend, and I've enjoyed it much more.

So now, I am happily and lazily hopping about different fandoms that I had never cared for before, books and T.V. mostly.

Plus watching some reruns of Fry & Laurie, that comedy double act that Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie used to conduct some good 10+ years ago. 

And I still go out to walk down the riverside almost every day. By early morning is cool and humming with cigars, by late evening is warm and a bit silent, with the occasional firefly dancing about.

Oh, and I've been playing almost non-stop the music of The Decemberists, a band that caught my eye when it appeared in the post of great GO, Neverwhere and Sherlock writer in my F-list. I love songs that tell stories, and this band is all about that.

And on the topic of the F-list, I found this very nice sort-of-reflection section in the LJ of 2 very talented graphic designers puka_pudge  , so I want to emulate it to close this entry. Just because.


I live for my expectations now, a very hard thing to do and something which still does not come as first nature to me.
I live proud in my realization that indeed one becomes more grateful with the passing of time and the effect of distance.
I feel lucky to say that I live for both the recollections of the past and the hopes of the future.

Infinitely glad to have learned to laugh at myself.
Scarily careful about laughing at others. With others, I am all for it, but at others?
Aside from that, smiles and laughter have always been both great weapons and source of relief.

What a damn cheeky girl that I am, but I have to admit, this has been a constant in my life.
And to be even more annoying, I am fairly sure it's a constant in most people's life, but it usually goes by unseen and unappreciated.
What is love, if not subtle at most times?

Jul. 10th, 2011

Mark Sheppard

Fic: Perilous Maquinations (SPN Crowley)

Title: Perilous Machinations
Author: may_unleashed 
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Season 6 finale
Summary: "Power was an addictive thing, after all, and getting Castiel to drop from his new high pedestal would require several ingenious wiles and temptations"


It won't be long, now, and Heaven will be knocking on this doorCollapse )

Greener Skies

I'm just saying...

I'm just saying that the whole school drama is both hilarious and appalling.

One would think we are back in High School instead of a Graduate School where ages range from 23 up to 50 or something.

This very nice classmate of mine, the polite shy guy (who would do well in having a bit more of a tough attitude) is being stalked/chased/haunted by this pretty fake-cute lioness of a younger girl.

I laughed out loud at the situation the first weeks. Funny shenanigans and all that.

Now I am quite annoyed. Oh goodness, girl, give it a rest. You've freaked out the guy. He is not going to go out with you if you are all by throwing yourself at him and threatening his manhood or whatever.

Seriously, where's this girl's common sense and pride?

On another note, my mind is telling me quite loudly: "be scared! be worried! study study study!"

Because we are about to finish this term and all the final papers and presentations and exams are here now. And there is this ONE exam that I am terrified of. Everything else is relatively easy.

But this exam! And the more I study for it, the more boring I become with the contents and the less I retain the knowledge. And I feel quite useless about it. Studying for the exam is not working!! What can I do then? I know myself and I am aware that I work well under pressure, which means I will be studying like crazy 3 days before the exam takes place.

But I really wanted to be prepared with weeks of anticipation. But alas, my plans are backfiring on me.

My solution to everything? Re-read Good Omens a bunch of times, read GO fanfics, listen to Cyrano De Bergerac audiobook, cook Mexican food and give it away to my landlords and walk around enjoying the river side.

Ahhh, study efficiency, where are thee?

Jun. 29th, 2011

Greener Skies

With love, for the birthday girl

Dear Vane-neechan, my amazing nanaho_miharu :

One more year, sister dear! *hugs* Happy Birthday Vane-baby! Lots of love and blessings from me!

You know I miss you like crazy over here.

No one to wake me up when I have bad dreams or when my arms are going numb, and no one to talk to up to 3 am, and no one to look after me and for me to look after.

Seriously Van-van, this whole business of not having my big-baby-sister-friend around is pretty hard.

But just you wait, we're going to end up visiting each other across the globe anyway, and then we're going to make it up for those missing birthday parties.

For now, you can have this humble attempt to put togehter a "Happy B-day" graphic. You're the expert in this area, but I wanted to make one for you too! *chu chu*

Alas, the base graphic I got it from somewhere here in LJ a long time ago. Now I feel guilty that I cannot credit the source.

But anyway, congratulations Vane-bambi! (you're getting really old now :D)

Love, your sis.

Jun. 25th, 2011


Abandon all your dramatics

And those words I direct to myself. After all, it has taken me over a year to come and post something again in LJ.

I guess there's no point in screaming the "I am alive!" Obviously I have been absent from this scene because...well...I was living the infamous real life.

What have I done so far? Starting from the most recent events and moving down towards the oldies:

-I gave this LJ something of an overhauling. And this is a very dubious term I am using, since I suck at coding and stuff. I keep telling my sister that I would saddle her with this remodeling thing, but she's very busy with her work and taking care of mom and the house...This morning I just shrugged my shoulders and decided to stop dilly dallying.

So now I've got a white-ish LJ with new icons and simpler looks. I rather like it.

-I have happily gone into fan mode over some actors, sporadically and cyclically. Which means I gush over one of them for two months, then I fall in love with the other for three months, then I go back to the first one, then alternate with a new one. And so on and so forth.

Who? The usual ones. Giovanni Ribisi, Alan Rickman, Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Laurie and my newest shiny addition Mark A. Sheppard.

I even enjoy watching Glee and had an attempt into really liking some of the actors/actresses...but goodness that fandom is a crazy lolistic thing. I turned tail and ran, coward little me.

-I got very much involved in a new anime fandom, for the Hetalia manga/series. The featured stereotypes are hilarious if not a bit offensive from time to time. But in what kind of world we live in, hm? I like all the nation-characters, but England and Germany are my favorites.

-Every other fandom I was involved with before...has slowly faded into "non-aware" zone for me. It's really weird how once you land in Japan and start living here, things lose that "OMG lookie!" quality of days past. Plus the other series/manga had either already finished or their plots went down the drain. No good plot, no interest for me. And I am quite finicky with plot devices, so I guess I sabotage myself.

-I've gone back to my old books and audiobooks. Howl's Moving Castle, Good Omens, Cyrano, Les Miserables, Neverwhere, Le petit prince, The name of the rose, etc.

And have watched some t.v. series. House MD. is a given. New ones? I already said Glee, made me laugh and kept me entertained until out of left field came crashing in my new shiny actor (Mark) and thus...I've watched the last 2 seasons of Supernatural, the last 2 seasons of Battlestar Galactica, Leverage and Warehouse 13. AAAND I might have watched only the episodes where Mark's characters appear...but this is a bias I am happy to maintain.

-Last but not least (actually this is the last item because it's rather huge) I've been here, living and studying in Japan. My Master is coming along fine. I've had the opportunity to travel around the place. I am planning on visiting Africa and Korea soon *fingers crossed* Food is nice, apartment is small but sufficient, people are weird but fun, language is a mess, and I just skip along and flutter around this place.

Sounds pretty joyous in such simplicity. Of course it's peppered with sad and difficult and frustrating experiences, but so far, so good. Balance and good attitude, right?

That is it, fine long-time-no-see people.  My last year in a nutshell.

Now that I've got this recap out of the way, maybe I'll come by and start posting with less gigantic pauses in between.

PS: Hmmm. I guess I should include this here, after all. Yes, the Great Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami was the most shocking and sad experience of these past months. On many levels, as a resident of the country, as a foreigner and witness, as a volunteer, as a student of disaster management, and as a friend of Japanese people who were directly involved and affected by it. What is Japan doing, what should the world do? Learn from it, improve and correct their ways. Chin up and move on, now. 

Mar. 28th, 2010

Greener Skies

Fallen. AGAIN. I have no escape.

I fell for it again. I should know better by now!! Every time by some coincidence I start finding pics or icons or fanart of one freaking interesting character...I have this urge to go and see what the MANGA is about....

You know, just to find out if that interesting-looking character has an interesting story and so on...

*facepalm*Collapse )

Mar. 17th, 2010

Greener Skies

Slow down time, or leave with a light heart...

*long and heartfelt sigh*

So many things have been going on lately. Which is why I have been LJ-absent for awhile (not that most of LJ notices LOL)

I have officially resigned from my amazing-stressing-beloved-beloved-blah-beloved job, and have undergone the whole "train the new girl, go to farewell lunches, pick up your stuff, etc" process.

Don't get me started on my successor. I guess the girl is just fine and a dear....but seriously?...nooo, no no no.

*shrugs* Go with God, and blessings, y'all at the office!

And OMG my house is a bit freaky right now, sometimes mother is very loving, and some others she is kinda...scary. I just hope she doesn't take it out on my brothers and sister when from now on she gets angry about something (more than usual).

All this is, of course, in relation to the fact that YES LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I am moving to Japan in a few days.

I already have the date: I leave on April 3rd, arrive to Kobe on April 5th, and from then on, I start all the necessary arrangements for my studying a Master in International Cooperation in Kobe Daigaku, Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies. *small cheers*

Oh, and my birthday flew past me with almost no notice, this March 10th. Time really is passing by so quickly!!


How does one slow down time? How does one manage to be in two places at the same time? How does one leave home with a light heart?

I guess it's impossible, to answer all that. It's good, though. It's good to feel a bit sad and anxious and nervous. It shows me I really have deep roots in this place, with my beloved family and friends. And my cat! XDD

I shall treasure that more and more from now on. And smile!

(...And still I have found time to read the whole Nougami Neuro manga, which is crazy and great, and keep up with some stories and updates LOL)

Feb. 25th, 2010

marquis de carabas

Literal Writing. And I am truly embarrassed.

Ooookay. This is going to be quick, I am at work caught in 1,001 things to do, but hey! I need five freaking minutes away from that.

I was tagged by sexyscholar  to do this Handwriting Meme, so here you go:

1. Write your username.
2. Write your 2 favourite bands/groups of the moment.
3. Write something you ♥ aka lemme see your heart.
4. Write the name of your favourite person of all time.
5. Write the name of your recent favoured person.
6. Tag 6 people to do this meme.

(...yes, I happen to use both print and cursive styles...in between the same word...uhhh)

AND!! *is completely and utterly embarrassed*

I can't believe what I did this morning! I was talking to my boss (the youngest one out of the my 3 superiors) and we were discussing many topics at the same time, going back and forth and bantering and a bit of arguing...

And then I grabbed the cup of coffee right in front of me and drank from it (as a evasion/distraction gesture because I hate coffee)

And it was my boss' coffee!! Right on his face!!  DX

When I realized what the hell I was doing, I almost almost! spit back the mouthful of damn strong bitter coffee...but BE PROUD that I didn't!! HA!


The guy was engrossed in checking some papers while I did this...so I am not sure if he didn't see me or if he just pretended he didn't see me drinking from his damn cup...but anyway I scurried the hell out of his office in a flash.

Oh coffee you EVIL THING!! *bawls*

PS: damn you intercultural awareness of faux pas!!!

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